Monday, July 11, 2011

Furansu (and Yam Stew)

This entire photo somehow reminds me of seeing Three Sisters at the CSC theatre in New York. The military elements of the clothing, the lighting, the stage props... Sigh. And this tunic/dress reminds me of the only thing I will miss when I soon stop wearing my lab coat. Those side slits are just so useful to get stuff out of your pants' pockets, and to pull down any tops that seem to ride up more than you'd like.

These, by the way, are from the A/W 11 collection of Netherlands-based label Furansu (found via NJAL), founded by Dutch-educated Annie Ching and Hong Kong-born 'knitwear specialist' K Lai. And that's all I have to say about that.

In other news, today I made this (I was too hungry to take pictures, but it basically looked the same as the photos from The Taste Space). However, I accidentally picked up black soy beans, and I couldn't find Aleppo chili flakes, so I used Hungarian paprika instead. And it was all still rather excellent, especially when paired with fresh roasted garlic rye bread. I'd probably put in slightly less water though next time. Yum.

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