Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kristofer Kongshaug, A/W 11/12

Well, it seems that I'm late out of the starting gate here, as these photos of Kristofer Kongshaug's A/W 11/12 collection have been on the Internets since May. I have checked his website at least twice since then, but never thought to Google his name. Ah well.

So. I have to say that the collection as a whole doesn't make me 'ooo' and 'ahh' as much as when I first found out about KK. I do think that the incredible tailoring is still there, it's just that the sharp and surprising lines that I took as his signature aren't as prevalent in this collection, particularly in the non-coat pieces. Also, there's a lot more leather (and/or some weird fur or faux fur), so I can't even post all that much (and indeed, that last photo above on the left could be a more matte leather than used in the rest of the collection, I'm just going to pretend it's not; click here to see the rest of the pieces). What I would like to do here is discuss these pants:

What would you call them, and how would you propose to wear them? I was lucky enough to see Alexander McQueen's infamous bumster pants close up when I visited the Met exhibit (twice), and still am not quite sure how they would stay up, aside from some double-sided tape or a magical belt. These, however, (which I'm going to dub 'crotchster' pants) would have a harder time with the tape because of the hips being lower than the top of the fly. What I'm thinking is that they're hiked up with an elastic bungee looped around the waistband button, and another one or two in the back (or at least when they're being worn away from the camera), only because another (furry leather-infused) piece in the collection features such a detail, albeit for a much less perilous waistline. Hmm...

At any rate, I would love that double-lapeled/-layered trench above, though I imagine it would look much better over a non-voluminous dress. Goodness, maybe I'm just too critical today.

(Photos via Creative Door, via the Kristofer Kongshaug Facebook)

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