Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kristofer Kongshaug

After seeing that amazing dress shown at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and being corrected by two readers on the origins of Kristofer Kongshaug (the dress is by the Paris-based Norwegian designer, not the Danish designer of the same name), I just had to do more searching. And, as I'm frozen in for the day (it's -40 out, and thus we will not venture out to see Fantastic Mr. Fox today), Google is my best friend. I'm not surprised that I'm way behind on this one, as Kristofer's F/W 09/10 collection was reported about on ASVOF way back in April. Nonetheless, if I'm seeing these photos for the first time, at least one of you out there may not have seen them yet, and it would be a crime not to share them with you. I am simply taken aback by the impeccable cut, shoulder detailing, and lovely volume of each piece, as well as the fact that they all look entirely wearable, and entirely me (click on photos above for a closer look). What I wouldn't do to own one of these jackets. I'd like to say that one of these is the most perfect jacket I've ever seen (yes, even above that Gareth Pugh creation, and, daresay, the Alexandra Groover shell hooded jacket), but then I'd have to pick just one. Sigh.

(Photos via here)

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