Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In This Corner...Last Christmas

I am a retail worker from way back and during the holidays this means that I was stuck in a shop for 40+ hours a week listening to Christmas tunes beginning on the day after Thanksgiving. It is enough to make even the most celebratory person despise any sort of holiday music, but especially George Michael’s ‘Last Christmas’. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Wham! lover from way back. Really, I am. I think George Michael is awesome, it’s just that having worked retail for the majority of my adult holidays I was conditioned to hate this song. Thankfully, I have been out of the field just long enough to recover and Christmas music is actually starting to sound good. Even ‘Last Christmas’ which my friend Jessie Williams ( just covered with Gordon Merrick, under the pseudonym Cilla Danone. Here is the link (Last Christmas is the new track). There is hope for me yet. Maybe next year I will mull some wine and go caroling. I am sure I will be able to find some place that is doing ‘Christmas Karaoke’ at least!

(Photo I took of a bizarre Christmas light sculpture that showed up in my neighborhood inexplicably. It is apparently the season to celebrate Tiny Tim - and I mean TINY Tim.)


This Holiday Corner was brought to you by the lovely Lauren Jones. I'm really feeling this one today, as 'Last Christmas' has quickly become my least favorite song this year. But I really do love Christmas music! Lauren's Etsy shop is closed for the holidays, but make sure you check out the photos of her collection here and here so you know what to buy with your holiday cash when she returns on the 26th!

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