Monday, December 7, 2009

Katerina Levina's Shell

So, it turns out that that extreme nausea was not entirely the fault of some bad hospital food. I finally succumbed to the flu, of some variety or another. I am still incapacitated, as it is still only short of 48 hours of having symptoms. However, it's -30 degrees Celsius outside, and I need something to break up these endless hours of sleeping and watching movies half-asleep. Also, it seems as though I missed the fashion blog story of the week! Remember that amazing convertible dress made just for Queen Michelle? Well, its creator has finally unveiled a
website sure to please, as already reported by Susie Bubble and Jaana. I must confess my flu-ish mind is having a wee bit of trouble comprehending Dusturbance in all of its glory, but perhaps you'll have more success.

Katerina Levina's work, however, I can entirely comprehend, even in my state. Her A/W 09/10 SHELL couture collection, featuring both mens and womenswear, is simply gorgeous, as is the description thereof:

"Every human, no matter how strong and powerful he is, has got this special spirit inside. Fragile, it is hidden underneath thousands of layers; it is placed inside a cocoon, so that no one gets through to it, so that no one can see the real inside… The collection shows step by step the opening of a nourishing cocoon in which every human spirit lives. The idea of a multi-layered transformable cocoon that protects the inside spirit of a human, reflects the outside and hides the inside, is presented in multi-layered structured transformable garments made of textiles with reflective, transparent, matt, creased, smooth surfaces in minimalistic colour palette...the cover for the real inside, the SHELL that each one of us is hiding in…"

Indeed, I would gladly hide inside such a shell, particularly as it looks a lot warmer and non-flu-like than my current shell...I am also quite taken with a previous collection of accessories, entitled "rag-bag". That harness/vest piece is perfection, a non-ruffled cousin of my beloved ArtLab Charlie Chaplin Couture Bib. And that outfit with all its neutral layers! Sigh.

Find out more about Katerina's work here (shop coming soon!).

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