Friday, December 18, 2009

As promised, Holiday Dress Up Time.

This, my dears, is a scheduled post. I'm away at a concert that could possibly ruin the rest of 2009 for me. But who knows, I could be surprised and have my once unshakeable faith in four particular musicians completely restored. Although, with the rest of 2009 being fairly blah for me, for lack of a better word, might as well end it in a similar fashion. Alas, while I am away (either crying or rejoicing), here is the result of my very hastily put together holiday-themed photo shoot. As these are outfits meant for parties held in warm houses, I don't have the usual layers, scarves, and shoes. I'd probably accessorize a couple of these slightly with my kjoo black choker or my Quillinan cuff and/or neckpiece.

It was not until the last photo that I realized my two-bit camera could capture the Christmasy feeling of my living room, so sorry for the rather sombre looking photos until that point. Also, my 2-week bout of sickness has meant that I may not be getting to wear any of these outfits pre-Christmas, but we shall see what I can manage for New Years.

First up: Those glorious harem-style Vivienne Westwood Anglomania pants that I got for an absolutely steal on eBay. Take note that I had to put one leg on the pole of the dress form, so it looks a tad funny. At first I thought that I would only wear tops over top of the pants, such as in the first photo on the left, with my Liza Rietz top (the silver/white flash in the middle is the dress form underneath - the silk is a bit sheer in front with a camera flash). However, when I changed the form into a white American Apparel tank top and tucked it in to show off the inner layer of the pants and the asymmetrical closure, I decided that I liked the look of that better. At least on the dress form.

From left to right: Liza Rietz Triangle Blouse; Bonzie Le Coquette Ruffle Scarf; Bonzie neck adornment; Bonzie wrap; Supayana drapey jersey cardigan (Surprised by the colour? Well, you can see a bit of the tag still attached - I just don't get around to wearing reds very often! It's a shame I gave away the dark purple version of this...)

Next up: My first high-waisted skirt, the lovely Steampunk High-Waisted skirt in black taffeta by PINaR ERIS. This piece has two sets of D-rings in the front and back, so it can be tacked up in a few different ways or left to be a floor length skirt. The first picture shows it from the side with front and back tacked all the way up, and the rest have the back partially down (can be let down longer).

From left to right: AA tank alone; Bonzie Le Coquette Ruffle Scarf; Bonzie wrap; Bonzie Velvet Ochre Bolero.

And lastly, the newest and brightest jewel in my closet, a custom creation from Attila Design. This was originally intended to be that fabulous convertible dress with tons of snaps. However, mid-way through the order, both Tiina and I decided to alter the order in the interest of Tiina's time and fingers, and my digital dollars. In the end, this is what Tiina sent me. I hadn't seen any pictures of the finished dress before it came. And when it did, opening up the package brought tears to my eyes. These pictures don't really capture the beauty of the fabric or this piece as a whole. And I could experiment for hours as to all the ways I could wear this with the straps, removable sleeves, and hook and d-rings at the side and bottom hem. It's perfection. (The first photo is with it worn long, the second is of the back.) I'd likely wear this totally by itself, but if I wore it cinched up short, I might also wear it with leggings or my black straight leg jeans.

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