Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good riddance, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm rather excited to punt this old year far far away and see what's around the next corner. Looking back, this year has been a tad too harsh on me, but hopefully that means I'm better prepared now for whatever surprises are coming up. I don't really do the New Years resolutions thing, so I'll save myself some future chagrin by not recording fruitless plans here. I would love to do a 'best of' post, but as this blog hasn't been around for a full year yet, I'll save that for next December 31st (if kOs is still around that is!). So, let's just leave it at 'Happy New Year'! Stay tuned in 2010 for more lovely photos, incredible designers, and interesting interviews, posted here as long and as often as I deem fit.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by, reading, and leaving comments - you all make blogging very enjoyable!


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