Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Perhaps I should post less often, because now when I miss a day of posting, it seems like I deserve a bad grade for the day. Ah well. I was off enjoying a most lovely evening, seeing off a very good friend who has gotten some sense and is moving far far away from this arctic tundra to Australia. I am rather jealous to say the least. Although, if I were somewhere very hot, I couldn't partake in the winter-friendly creations of Tiina. This newest Attila Design dress is...I truly can't think of the right word here. I don't know how Tiina continues to come up with the freshest designs, mixing a smidgeon of classic with a ton of avant garde, topped with utter wearability. And say, who's that gorgeous blonde?

And, because I can, here's some more pictures of the perfect dress, modeled by that lovely faceless woman.

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