Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wolfgang Jarnach

I love the feeling of being inspired by another human being and/or another human being's work. The other day we went to a movie theatre that is held a couple of nights a week inside our city's renowned stage theatre, The Citadel. Disney's Beauty and the Beast will be the musical at The Citadel next May, and I would so much like to go. Not only because I love the story and have an emotional attachment to it in regards to me and my man, but also because they had on display a few of the costumes used in the play. They are beyond gorgeous. And it made me think. I have toyed with the idea of going to design school here to help along my dreams of starting my own label. But now I'm contemplating going to design school for costume design. Isn't the thought of creating a garment for a very particular character in mind quite interesting? And to think that many people may wear that garment over a few years, but it'll always portray the exact same character to it's viewer? That is just completely opposite of what I think everyday clothing should be, where the wearer mostly gives the clothing life, rather than the clothing dictating who the wearer is. Fascinating.

Anyway, perhaps because of the theatricality of his garments, I am totally drawn to the work of German grad student, Wolfgang Jarnach. According to his website, it appears he has just finished his graduate collection, 'fin de partie', which is "inspired by exponential growth and its crisis resulting from it." In particular, I love this corset and peplum-type skirt.

And Wolfgang's 'mighty aphrodite' collection (S/S 08) is absolute perfection. I could see each of these dresses just as easily on a stage in a ballet as on a confident woman walking down the street (preferably me).

Congratulations, Wolfgang, on completing your grad collection. I, for one, can't wait to see more.

(All photos by Mathis Leicht, 2009)

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