Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In This Corner...Gareth Pugh

And, speaking of Gareth Pugh's LiveStudio session, Gareth was also answering questions via the Internet during the dress-making process, and he answered one of mine. And so, he has unwittingly become today's Corner designer...

In noticing not one but two Alanis Morissette songs playing in the background during his second LiveStudio day, I said: Glad to hear you love Alanis, Gareth! Have you ever been to Canada? And Mr. Pugh said: No, ive never been up there before.

This is exciting top-notch stuff folks. Stay tuned for more stellar questions from myself the next time I get such an opportunity (I swear I asked a couple of better questions, he just never answered them. Really!).

(P.S. In case you missed the memo, "In This Corner..." is a new segment on my blog, where a guest designer will write the post and let us all know a little bit about what goes on upstairs. Much more coming up!)

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