Friday, December 18, 2009

In This Corner...The Best Worst Christmas Sweater

I am attaching a picture of what is clearly the best worst Christmas sweater ever. In NYC there is a big trend of ‘worst holiday sweater’ parties. These sweaters are all too readily available and some of them are so hideous that I cannot make direct eye contact for fear of being sucked in. This 3-dimentional Rudolph sweatshirt on the other hand, has me entirely captivated. I mean, look at how much work went into this! Years later (unless, gulp, it is new), it is still standing up. I just love the idea of beheading the most famous of all reindeer and mounting him on a giant sweatshirt in the name of Holiday Cheer.


Today's Holiday Corner was brought to you by the lovely Lauren Jones of mydearthing. You should visit her shop now, but don't expect to see any ugly sweaters for sale there, Christmas or otherwise. Oh, and you need to read (or re-read) my interview with Lauren here, because she's just that awesome.

And by the way, we need to come up with a vaccination for ugly Christmas sweater parties. The virus has reached all the way to Canada, and I'm afraid it has become the next pandemic.

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