Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In My Pocket

I was recently (kind of) extended an invitation to live in a wonderful somebody's pocket. Although this unfortunately can not be, it made me ponder what I would like to live in my pocket, besides Germs, my invisible dog (anyone besides my sister know that reference?). First of all, I would fancy having black-eyed suzie's darling Tita in my pocket, as she reminds me of myself, and I would then have an ornament to hang on any Charlie Brown Christmas tree I might come upon in my daily wanderings.

Second, I'd stuff in a pair of Hydra Heart vegan shoes for wherever my feet take me, indoors or outdoors.

Third, I'd ball up a Black Market Baby Spider Mesh Tank Top, as you never know when you might need another layer.

And last, I'd carry a Pocket Art Mirror from Lisa Falzon, for a bit of inspiration, and a chance to see what dreams are creeping up behind me.

Oh, and I'd quite like it if mydearthing's One Pocket Dress were my pocket.

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