Saturday, December 26, 2009

Climate Dress

Now here would be a useful dress if you're ever caught in a tight situation at a party. Talking to someone who just spouts too much hot air? Excuse yourself by saying your dress lights indicate that the quality of air around you is just too poor to remain in that conversation. This would likely be most needed whilst conversing with party guests of the bovine persuasion.

Confused by my post-Christmas gibberish? Here's the description from Ecouterre's article:

Dressing for your climate gets literal with Diffus’s Climate Dress, which the Danish design company has laced with hundreds of tiny LEDs that respond to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Powered by an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor and a carbon dioxide detector, the haute-tech frock uses conductive embroidery to transmit information to the hand-stitched lights, resulting in patterns that range from slow pulses to rapid flashes depending on the concentration of the greenhouse gas.

Now that's a smart dress.

(Photos via Ecouterre)

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