Sunday, December 13, 2009

Possibly the best find ever: Denim Therapy

I may have just found the greatest website ever. Whilst on Outsapop's blog, I clicked on a link in her blogroll, which led me to a lovely site called Ethical Style: Behind the Seams. This in turn led me to what may be the greatest and greenest company to ever exist since denim was created: Denim Therapy.

We all know what it's like to finally find the most perfect pair of jeans, only to love them to pieces, and eventually have to sadly relinquish them to the rag pile. But no longer! Simply ship your beloved pair of holey/torn/wrecked jeans to the angels at Denim Therapy in New York, and they will magically repair them to look like new in about 2 weeks. They use MatchPerfect™ to select the thread that most closely matches that of your jeans in terms of colour, weight, and wear. Then, they use that thread to not simply patch the holes, but rather actually reconstruct the damaged area. The cost for repairing holes and rips is about $7/inch. They will also repair hems, zippers, pockets, and belt loops, AND they can insert stretchy panels to create instant maternity jeans (see photos below; they'll even take out the panels once you're back down to your pre-maternity size!). They do ship internationally, and work on any brand and colour of jeans.

What a simply fabulous idea. This website would've saved me a lot of heartache over my favorite dying jeans, and a lot of time aimlessly searching for an inferior pair to fill the void. I've honestly altered my daily wardrobe quite a bit within the last 9 years (I used to wear jeans nearly every day!), largely because I loathe the whole jean shopping process, and am trying to prolong the life of the one almost perfect pair I've managed to find (my Joe's Jeans). I wonder if I should follow Tricia Hoke's lead and get maternity panels put into those dream Diesel jeans that are just an inch and half too small in the waistband. No one would ever have to know...

Free return shipping if you put in your order by December 31st!

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