Thursday, December 3, 2009

In This Corner...Jeggings

I just had a moment this morning when I got dressed and felt a need to profess my love. I know its not a new thing... But here in Denver, being fashion on point sometimes gets you weird looks too!

I love jeggings... I truly truly do. Here is why...

-Jeggings, if you get the right cut, are the perfect skinny jean, and skin tight.
-Jeggings do not stretch out more than they are supposed to, or after 3 wears like a lot of regular denim does. They stretch and then they go back...
-Jeggings are the perfect pant for under a dress or tunic top, you get no waistband bulge.
-Jeggings are made for our "fat" days.
-Jeggings are made for eating... no uncomfortable feeling or unbuttoning your pants in secret... now you know what I was thankful for on Thanksgiving!

You can get jeggings in a variety of ways... I have quite a few that are stretch pants, some with the pockets printed on, some without. I bought a pair of jeggings at Candy Store Collective in San Fran... they are from Prairie Underground (pictured to the left)... and perfect (though I would have liked back pockets). I have been wearing them non-stop!

Before jeggings were readily available, I was buying maternity jeans (well, I really did need a pair for the reasons anyone would need a pair), but I tell you, I wore the best ones till they wore out! My favorite pair was a pair of Juicy Couture (pictured to the right)... all of the comfort of a stretchy skinny jean in the back (supportive for your butt!) and a great elastine waist. Not only did it do the job for my impending belly, but once I had no bun in the oven, the jeans fit me better than any skinny ever could, and no one ever knew!


This Corner was brought to you by Tricia Hoke, whose amazing convertible creations I mused about before here. Check out Tricia's Etsy shop for her current collection, and her website for more pictures and updates. And I must say...I'm almost convinced on the jeggings, Tricia! Almost...

(P.S. In case you missed the memo, "In This Corner..." is a new segment on my blog, where a guest designer will write the post and let us all know a little bit about what goes on upstairs. Much more coming up!)

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