Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's light at the end of the tunnel

Usually I ignore and delete those generic-sounding 'Hi, I love your blog, so here's my website' emails, as I figure the writers of such emails can't truly love my blog enough if they hadn't gone so far as to find out my name, fake or real. But today's assumed-to-be-generic* email had landed in my inbox before, so I thought maybe I'd reward their persistence (or, rather, their email program's persistence) and check out their website. And I do actually recall looking at The Bea Project website before, but that must've been on a day where the photos I saw just didn't click. Not like today.

This week has seemed liked the longest, slowest, most grueling drive through Lincoln Tunnel, and only this morning do I see a little bit of Manhattan sunlight trying to make its way into the tiny opening to assure us all that New Jersey is finally far behind us, and we will not, in fact, drown whilst trying to get away from it. That is what the fashion portion of LA-based artist Katrina Bea's mixed-media 'art house' reminds me of. Those bleach spots make these grunge-meets-Dame Westwood deconstructed pieces (made of reclaimed and vintage materials) look sun-dappled, particularly yes-you're-almost-at-Bryant-Park-sun-dappled, or now-you-can-spend-the-day-at-Central-Park-sun-dappled. Sure, Katrina calls them 'Da.tura Metal', but I know what she really means.

Ah, just a few more days, and I can finally getting going again on my Viv-inspired masterpiece. Sigh. Oh, while we're on the topic of Manhattan, the Met is extending their hours to midnight for the final weekend of the Alexander McQueen exhibit, being August 6th and 7th. I truly hope you can go.

Edit: The Da.tura Metal pieces are now available in The Bea Project Etsy shop!

*My apologies to Katrina if the email was not, in fact, generic!

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