Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today's moment of sanity (and yes, there has thus far only been one) is brought to you by my local record store, where I a) finally got a copy of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures (it's going to be okay), b) finally found a tangible copy of anything from Herb Alpert (though it, being the infamous Whipped Cream, was gouged and thus I will have to wait for a new copy to come in), and c) got to hear some (apparently) rough mixes of an upcoming album that one of my favorite local bands is working on (as one of their band members works there). Sigh. I probably should've just hung out there all day.

Anyway, not related whatsoever, I recently tried on this super cute dress with an elastic waist that sat right on my natural waistline, instantly letting me know that I cannot wear that style of dress. Which is a little bit tragic, as that is the style of that Alexandra Grecco dress. Sigh. And really, even empire waists can be tricky sometimes, as they have to be perfectly done (i.e. belting my Verlaine kaftan) so they don't look like you're wearing maternity clothing. So I wonder if that's why this shape from the (Central Saint Martins) MA grad collection of Julia Reimann (found via NJAL) appeals to me.

Instead of cinching in the waist and subsequently jutting out my (somewhat padded) hips, this shape would dramatically jut out the hips and thus make the waist appear smaller. Or so I'd hope. Of course, we've seen this shape in Alexander McQueen's final collection, and perhaps that's really why I keep looking at this. I finally got my McQueen Met exhibit catalogue yesterday (albeit a 2nd printing copy), by the way, which I think warrants taking an entire week off of work to sit down and give it a proper go through.

(Photos via NJAL; black and white photo by Sophia Aerts)

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