Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is your opponent, Earthling

While the sun has finally peaked out today (oh, happy day!), this harsh winter weather is still feeling the need to remove all the moisture from my skin as if it's a giant Scotch-Brite scouring sponge. And so today I'm pretending I'm in a warmer and more humid climate by putting this outfit together from my virtual closet. I know the boots don't make much sense here, but I've suddenly become obsessed with them, and will likely be purchasing them in time to break them in for New York. I'm still cringing at the though of buying leather shoes, but it just seems so darn wasteful to keep buying non-leather shoes that last only a few months. Even my beloved Adidas by Stella McCartney snow-walking machines are breaking down, for goodness sakes. Truth is, I was all set to by this pair of Campers To&ether boots after finding them on Yoox.com for about a quarter of what they sell at my local Gravity Pope. Something was holding me back though, even though they were only available in my exact size. Then I came upon a Dutch label called MAG, who uses only 100% ecological leather. And they're pretty much the most comfortable things I've ever put on. They look pretty kickass too. Like something an 80-year old Lisbeth Salander would wear. 

So, the outfit in question begins with the utterly gorgeous (and lined) silk tulle Cinema Tea Gown of the Spring 2011 collection from (the utterly adorable) Alexandra Grecco. I'm not sure if I'd get the dress in grey or in black, but I'd definitely layer it over one of Lauren's new limited edition silk Husband Tanks. Let's go with a pop of colour for this exercise. Then I'd do my regular dress-over-pants thing with my Wolfgang Jarnach trousers (which fit even nicer after biking every day or two), and then top (bottom?) it all off with the MAG boots. Paired with my new best friend (a.k.a. Aveda's Intensive Hydrating Masque) and a nice glass of refreshing Mission Hill Pinot Grigio, I feel much better.

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