Sunday, January 23, 2011

I don't want to wait in vain...

I must share with you an absolutely amazing find via a quick 5:30AM look at Dirty Flaws, being a label called InAisce (possibly pronounced 'in aska', from the Gaelic 'in vain'), from Brooklyn-based designer Jona. These photos are from the F/W 11/12 'Ashen Tundra, Frozen Roads' collection, which simultaneously makes me think of Alexander McQueen, Sruli Recht, and Cormac McCarthy's The Road. While previous online write-ups on InAisce categorize it as menswear, this collection may (or may not) show a slight divergence in Jona's impeccably tailored and perfectly detailed coats and jackets, though all these pieces would work equally well on any slim (and non-conformist) body. I'll likely go see if IF in Soho still has some of the S/S 11 in February, but I would love to set my eyes on this particular collection in person (or, better yet, try a piece on) while I'm in Brooklyn. Indeed, I could definitely be convinced to save up any spending monies from this year for when this collection is released to the world. Definitely.

(P.S. InAisce is also available at Layers.)

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