Monday, January 10, 2011

Sharp Shoulders

With my new found love of clean lines and classic looks (have I mentioned that?), the basic piece I've been looking for lately is a fitted jacket. This search may all be for naught, as I've never actually put one on before, and might actually hate it when I do get one on. But before that day arrives, here are the top four jackets on my want-to-try-on list:

1) The asymmetrical unisex Fletwood jacket from Dori Tomcsanyi's perfect S/S 10 collection. Though I of course gravitate towards darker colours, I would make an exception for this piece. I'm also dying to get something from Dori.

2) This Comme des Garçons tailcoat blazer that is up for auction on eBay for approximately 9 more hours. It could possibly be too classy for everyday wear, but for the relatively low price it's going for right now, I'm sure some use could be found for it in my wardrobe.

4) This is from Turkish designer Burce Bekrek, as posted by Queen Michelle this morning. Isn't it lovely?

Oh how I'm dreading working evenings this week, now that it's actually normal winter weather again. Sigh.

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