Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Why would I cover my arms up if I was wearing a
Marc Le bihan top that made them look this good?

You know how, for whatever reason, one day a particular word just sounds weird to you, and so you repeat it to yourself over and over until it becomes just a random combination of sounds that shouldn't have any meaning to an English speaker? Well, today I had a similar moment with long sleeves. A co-worker of mine always wears short-sleeved polo shirts. Except for today, that is. So every time this person walked by, I took a second look, wondering to myself if I'd ever seen them wearing long sleeves before. Now, this person was probably wondering why I was staring at their (completely covered) arms every time they walked by, but suddenly the whole concept of wearing long tubes of material attached to a shirt seemed completely foreign to me. This in turn brought me to the realization that the vast majority of tops I own that are not items intended to wear over other items (i.e. cardigans, hoodies, coats) are short-sleeved or completely sleeveless. This freshly discovered facet of weirdness might just explain the odd but not completely clear feeling that I experienced while putting in my last mydearthing order, which included one long-sleeved item. Which in turn may have been an attempt by my subconscious to circumvent this way of clothing myself that does not quite make sense in my current location and climate. My man just recently asked me whether I had the ability to dress with just a single layer. Has he teamed up with my subconscious to lead me to singular items that do the work of two (or more) of my regular items of sleeve challenged clothing? Hmm...

Non-sleeve related, I bought some fresh pomegranate seeds today on a whim, and am looking forward to making this beautiful looking dish (Saffron Marinated Paneer Cheese with Fresh Basil, Cashews, and Pomegranate Seeds), but I'm going to substitute the paneer for tofu. I love paneer, but a little too much cheese is consumed around my house already. I'll let you know if it works out.

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