Friday, January 7, 2011


Here are 4-6 random thoughts to accompany the 4-6 inches of snow that are arriving on my doorstep as we speak:

1) Remember the chair that Jonah and his friend in Sleepless in Seattle sat in? Well, now you can wear it, courtesy of Singapore designer Max Tan's F/W 10/11 collection (via NOTCOUTURE).

2) I find it very odd that I think my style has changed quite a bit since my New York trip, and yet I still have the same favorite pieces. Does that mean these pieces are timeless? Or does it mean that they didn't quite fit my previous style, and now my style has unconsciously evolved to be more congruent with said pieces? Does it matter?

3) I think one of my favorite Christmas presents (besides, of course, the original Star Trek series on DVD) may be The Penguin Book of Irish Verse. Besides being a gosh darn pretty book, I'm hoping to find something in it for my future graduate studies. If not, it'll provide hours of good Irish reading, as well as a very heavy throwing weapon. 

4) I want this.

P.S. As (kinda) per #2, I will be listing some more things in my shop in the next week. I didn't seem too immensely bothered to part with the pieces I sold in December, so I think I should continue this minimizing thing a bit more. It might be more painful this time around, as I am planning on listing some of my favorite purchases ever. However, there's no sense in keeping things that don't fit, right? Sigh.

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