Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Song for the Mute, et al.

Today's post took a little bit of a journey to get to. First, I stopped by NOTCOUTURE, as I do, and clicked on a thumbnail for a post from Italian online mag We Are Selecters. This led me to peer around their site a bit, which led me to an entry on the fantastic third collection from Australian menswear label Song for the Mute, which comes from the duo of graphic designer Melvin Tanaya and Parisian-born designer Lyna Ty. I somehow didn't notice that there was a video for the A/W 11 'Milieu' collection tacked onto the bottom of the WAS post, and I was wondering where the photos for the new collection had come from (as they aren't on the label's website), so I went to the SftM Facebook page to search further. This in turn brought me to one of my more recent favorite blogs, scoute, who had (also) posted the Milieu video, which I will now insert here for the simple fact that it is pretty.

Doesn't that make you want to go to Australia right now? And perhaps have one of those huge wetsuit zippers to spice up your regular ol' black sweater? Anyway, I apparently haven't read scoute for a few weeks, as I hadn't seen the post on Sruli Recht. Though I had only written a couple of posts on Sruli (the main one being here), I immediately had the two-fold reaction upon seeing his name of 'Oh!' and '...', as I think a lot of his work is incredible, and yet I still don't know how to feel about his use of particular 'materials'. You'll have to go here to see the video that i-D magazine did with Sruli as I can not embed it here, but I do recommend it for anyone interested in the designing and pattern making process. The video is intended to be a sneak preview of Sruli's upcoming menswear A/W 11 'When Gravity Falls' collection that will be shown at Paris Fashion Week, though all we see is the initial construction of a jacket (featuring half-size dress forms and laser cutting pattern machines) that may or may not be in the collection. Though I will never be in a position to buy a robot to cut out my patterns (and really, I think my tendency to be lazy is more compatible with Julian Roberts' method of pattern cutting), I'm excited to see Sruli's upcoming laser cut collection.

By the way, in case you've made in this far in the post and you want a couple more links to click on, you may be interested to know that, starting tonight at midnight EST (i.e. New York time), complexgeometries will be having a one day (i.e. 24 hour) sale of 40% off their entire store. Just use the code 'onedaysale'. I highly recommend the Wave T for $82.20, or the Wool Stifler for $202.20.

(Photos of Song for the Mute's A/W 11 collection are actually via Dapper Kid, which I found via the SftM Facebook, even though I could've just as easily saved them from WAS. Now I will try to calculate the mileage my fingers just clocked in coming up with this post...)

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