Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sruli Recht

Okay, I'm ready to post, now that the sun has gone down. I had the most glorious day just wandering around outside, stopping to read on a bench for about an hour, and to buy a pair of $35 jeans that fill the void that trying on some $299 Acne jeans left. I forgot how much I loved being outside. Sigh. Anyway, I'm unsure about posting more on this artist, whom I mentioned the other day after discovering him via Pour Porter. Sruli Recht's residential origins are enough to make me intrigued, as he was born in Jerusalem, then later became a citizen of Australia, and now is based in Reykjavik. And one look at his older experimental designs had me instantly floored. However, Mr. Recht also creates things with seal skin, horse skin, 'Minke Dork' (only Google this if you really want to know), Arctic fox fur, sheepskin, and rams' blood. A few such projects are explained/justified by saying that such 'materials' were waste products of the hunting/meat industry, and all of his pieces that are available for sale are 'non-products', meaning that they are not mass produced. However, as I have issues with even 'normal' bovine leather, I don't really care if his art supplies were procured ethically or not.

Having said that, Sruli Recht is an incredible designer. According to Wikipedia, he also worked for three seasons with Alexander McQueen, cutting patterns and constructing catwalk pieces. So he obviously has talent. Nonetheless, though I'm in awe of the animal-friendly pieces pictured here, I wouldn't buy any of his designs. But I will be inspired by them.

In other news, the Alexander McQueen show next week has been cancelled, and will instead be a presentation/memorial with no cameras allowed. Sigh.

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