Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the Best Fall 2010 Collection on the Runway award goes to...

Junya Watanabe. For some reason, I assumed Rei Kawakubo's CdG collection would impress me the most, but I wouldn't really want to dress like I had padded my clothing with bits of my comforter, or like I had stolen the pillows from a child's dollhouse. I should've known better after seeing Junya's 2006 collection. I could do without the camo prints (which is why they're not posted here), but overall I heart the new collection, seeing as I've been into the military look (and anything army green) since my junior high days. It even almost makes me wish we were heading into colder weather, rather than seeing it out. Almost.

The look below is definitely my favorite. Contrary to what a very famous member of the Ranidae family once said, I think it's quite easy being green. Even balancing on one foot, and even with hair that will likely make you many enemies on the bus.

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