Monday, March 8, 2010

Urban Zen, Fall 2010

Have you ever imagined Bessie Afnaim's designs in black? Well, I know I have. And apparently it's now a reality. Donna Karan's protégé and Donna herself have together created Urban Zen's F/W 10 collection, 'Nomadic Collection Black', featuring pieces made with luxurious layers of silk and cashmere. Sigh.

These tiny photos are all we have now, but the Urban Zen website indicates that e-commerce is coming soon. Methinks I'll be returning some bottles in preparation. And I definitely will not be buying anymore jeans that cost less than my bra. There's a reason jeans would ever cost so little, and it's best to forego jeans altogether for something beautiful from Urban Zen so you don't ever have to find out that reason. (In other words, I've learned my lesson. If you can't fit a good quality pair of jeans, just don't bother.)

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