Wednesday, March 3, 2010


1) Fog. I love the sound of fog. My 2 AM walk home last night/this morning was the closest I've come to hearing complete silence in the last 1+ year of constant ear ringing. And the sky looked like this shredded tee by Urban Revisions. Sigh. I could've walked home for hours.

2) Ravishing Mad. RM's Anna is a genius (and quite brave). Her newest project is called 'Paraphrase', which is a series of ten different Ravishing Mad interpretations of well-known photographs. Each of these photos are also accompanied by a new breed of fashion video, which follows the photo shoot and features some lovely Ravishing Mad designs, even if worn ever so briefly. The first one is a paraphrase of Annie Leibovitz' photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono that was on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1980, starring Anna and her husband, Truls Bråhammar. It's a bit nekkid for my blog to post in its entirety, but do go see both the full poster and the video here.

3) Limi Feu. She just showed her A/W 10/11 collection in Paris today. I'm not nearly as keen on it as I was her previous collection, but I'm just happy she's still around.

4) Damir Doma. Today was his greatly anticipated A/W 10/11 WMNS Show. I'm incredibly excited, as you know I'd gladly wear much of Damir's menswear. Google has provided me with these brief glimpses, via Twitpic. Enjoy.

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