Tuesday, January 26, 2010

-- Yamamoto, Spring 2010

You may already know this since I'm a bit of a latecomer, but what you are seeing here is not Yohji Yamamoto's newest collection. It's Limi Yamamoto's, a.k.a. Limi Feu's. Yes, Yohji has a daughter and, thankfully, she has not fallen far from the proverbial Yamamoto apple tree. I think I just found a new favorite, thanks to some browsing of the magazine stacks at my local bookstore this lovely evening. The above photos are of Limi's Spring 2010 collection, and the ones below are from her Fall 2009 collection, which is also channeling some Vivienne piracy with those buckles. Simply amazing. I can't even pick a favorite look/outfit/piece. I suddenly feel like I don't own enough black clothing.

(Photos via Style.com)

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