Saturday, January 16, 2010

Waiting for my man...

It's funny how certain pieces you buy can change and define your style. I'm not sure if this is true for everyone, but I've tended to buy some things because I think they look awesome, even if they don't necessarily look awesome on me. Also, sometimes I buy things just because they're different from what I currently own, and hope that it'll work out in the end. And then, sometimes, months or even years later, they suddenly do work out, better than I could have imagined. My outfit today, from the bottom up, explains this:

1) When I met my man, he wore black Converse high tops (a.k.a. 'chucks'). Ever since then, I've loved the look of chucks, and have been wearing them (and wearing them out) for the past six years. One day I decided to get something different, and got a pair of extra high black monochrome chucks, my response to the 'hooker boot' fad that lasted much too long around here. This pair of chucks has lasted me five years since I haven't really gotten into wearing them until the last year or so. They've defined my style quite a bit, as I tend to wear them with skirts, leggings, and rolled up jeans. And now, I'm thinking that I need to buy a replacement pair in order to keep that style alive (too bad Nike owns Converse now!).

2) Except for a black pair of Levi's that I had in junior high, I've religiously stuck to jeans of the blue variety. A couple years ago, however, when the skinny jean fad reached Canada, I went to try some skinnies on to replace a dead pair of trusty boot cut/slightly flared jeans. I ended up buying a pair of Buffalo straight leg black (!) jeans, which has remained my tried and true friend ever since. These are going straight to Denim Therapy as soon as they need some patching up, as I intend to remain best friends with them for at least a couple more years.

3) It's quite obvious now that I'm a very avid supporter of Attila Design. But I was a bit unsure if I would wear my first purchase from Tiina, which was the Sybil Dress. It did, in fact, hang unworn in my closet for the first few months of its life in Canada. Now, it's my favorite thing to layer with to make a springy fall or winter outfit.

4) As soon as I saw the ArtLab Oversized Revolutionary Jacket, I knew that I was going to buy it. Like everything Patricia makes, I immediately wanted it, even though I wasn't sure how much use I would get out of it. Little did I know that I would wear it like an everyday jacket. It's simply amazing.

And that, folks, is my outfit for the day. Yes, I know you've all seen every one of these pieces, but I've never worn them all together before. It's quite magical really, to put on an outfit wholly consisting of pieces which I almost didn't buy, but which I simply can't imagine not having now. Are there any pieces in your wardrobe which you bought on a whim but have now become staples in your daily outfits?

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