Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh, bother

Here's that Comme des Garçons coat again (sans plaid), now available on eBay! Does it truly cost $1295 retail? I think I can replicate this look quite well for free by pairing my ArtLab Oversized Revolutionary coat with my Maria Severyna wrap underneath. Sure I won't get those lovely shoulder vents, but it's too cold for that anyway. And it seems I've already promised the year's spending budget to my two favorite designers...

Edit: I tried out the ArtLab jacket over top of the Maria Severyna wrap, and I actually think it looks better (eek!) than the CdG jacket! Ooo, and the January issue of Vogue touts the utility jacket as this season's must have item. Aren't I trendy? Remind me to take a picture of me wearing this at some point if I don't do it during my next photo shoot.

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