Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cosmetic beauty

I'm always pleasantly surprised when I stop in at the old rundown Shoppers Drug Mart on the way home from work, rather than the new fancy big box store one further down the road. I simply forget about the absolutely wonderful cosmetician that works there, who always recommends great products to me (whether I ask her to or not) and loads me up with free samples based on my skin type and what not. She's the perfect person for the job, as she's gorgeous and could sell me a water-damaged shoe box if she tried. And today, I noticed that she has the most beautiful black hair, similar to the newest Black-eyed Suzie doll, The Unhappy Bride (one of my favorite dolls of Sarah's!). When I dyed my hair black some five or six years ago, her hair is the noir mane I had in mind. Too bad I'm boringly Caucasian with a slightly high forehead.

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