Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lina Westin

I must say, becoming a blogger has definitely developed my Googling skills. Sometimes I find an interesting designer on NJAL that I'd like to feature, but he/she has gone and picked something totally random as a username, AND hasn't provided any information below their photos regarding their name/label/website/anything of use. And so I have to throw myself at the mercy of Google if I am intent on posting anything of value that day. Thank goodness for Facebook and, yes, MySpace, as the majority of designers tend to use social networking sites to promote their work if they haven't yet graduated and/or set up a website.

Anywho, the designer of interest tonight is Lina Westin, a 26-year old Swedish beauty who is also a musician. According to her resume as posted on her MySpace, she has quite the fashion design educational background, as well as design experience, including working for Acne and Proenza Schouler. So, after reading that, I'm not as surprised that her S/S 10 collection (above and below) seems so fresh and unique - this girl knows what she's doing, and isn't afraid to do it.

Granted, I/you might not like the colours and juxtaposition of sporty mesh with tweed (tweed!), but Lina has thought of that. Just read her description of the collection:

Make sketches that are awful, use materials that you hate and put it all together into something you somehow love. The SS10 collection is on the edge to anything. Almost sophisticated, almost techno tacky. A little sporty and a little arty. Very Millenium, but also medieval. Plain, yet extreme cuts in the finest wool tweed, mixed with polyester mesh and organza. Crazy garments to use on the tennis court, at the gallery opening or at the rave party. Whatever.

Whatever indeed. I don't know about you, but now I'm kind of digging both the mesh + tweed combo AND the colours. Hmm. Anyway, I do definitely love Lina's S/S 08 collection (below), which centers around the basic rectangle. Gorgeous.

Thank you Google!

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