Monday, January 25, 2010

Get into the groove

Although she was never that far away, Alexandra Groover popped up on my radar again last night, as she updated her blog and Facebook with a couple of items. As a result, I've been intermittently listening to some drone metal all day, and I've been pining after some more delicious noir pieces. Particularly, I'm wondering if Alexandra's arca coat should be a part of my wardrobe, rather than the shell hooded jacket that has been in My Top 3 Want List for ages. Who wins in a battle of bustle vs. hood? Draped vs. architectural?. Make sure to watch Alexandra's lovely interview with The Clothes Whisperer, and help me decide (The Clothes Whisperer is wearing the arca coat in the first video). I'm also in love with the cubozoa convertible piece (worn as a dress below left, as a top below right) because it's, well, convertible, and it's made of jersey. Sigh.

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