Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Couch time

Despite the glorious fact that the days are finally getting longer and I just received the most wonderful wool coat in the world, I'm not really feeling up to writing one or more proper posts this evening. At least not now. Perhaps in part due to the fact that the recent hormonal change is wreaking havoc with my body, as is the switch from the night shift to the early morning shift. Sigh. So stay tuned (perhaps tomorrow) for what I hope are some pretty photos, starring yours truly. Or at least my dress form. Tonight, I'd just like to curl up in one of my man's sweaters with an earl grey latte and some episodes of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (Can I have them back now, Mom?). And I would like this Vivienne Westwood MAN A/W 10 sweater to be said curling-up garment. Although, I highly doubt my other half made to to Milan and back in time to get it all broken in and smelling like him, rather than this modern swashbuckler.

(Photo via SHOWstudio.com's reporting on Milan Fashion Week)

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