Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One dress, two creatures

I apologize for my lack of posting yesterday. The truth is, I was quite distressed by an encounter I had yesterday afternoon with a very distraught puppy who looked like my favorite dog ever. Then, after I was able to think a bit more clearly without feeling the need to cry, I was occupied with discovering the past life of one of my favorite designers. And when I realized it was time to go to work, I planned on typing out a post on my break, but, alas, the Internet was down all day due to a cut line. So it goes.

I still can't stop thinking about that puppy though. And the aforementioned designer's past life. And somehow, this amazing dress by ledthread is relevant for both creatures. For the puppy, I might have felt like I could have done something to fix those sad eyes if I had been wearing it, as the gold chiffon peaking through makes me think I could suddenly reveal my superwoman alter ego when it's needed for such a situation. And for the designer, I think it perfectly symbolizes her move from a career where she always had to look fabulous and put together (dress done up, as on left), to a career where she feels free and much much happier, but is still pretty darn fabulous (dress worn loose and untied, as on right).

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