Friday, January 8, 2010

Kat Stratford

When I first saw 10 Things I Hate About You in the theatre, I had found a friend in Kat Stratford, Julia Stiles' character. We were similar in so many ways; wherever we differed, I wanted to be just like Kat. I was finally comfortable with the fact that I was (then) flat-chested, just like her. I was proud that I was smart and an individual, unwilling to compromise myself in order to fit into any group at my high school. I felt no need for a boyfriend or a prom date, and thus felt both protective of and alienated from my sister because of this. And, there was one particular mysterious 'bad boy' that I was not afraid of, unlike most girls (and boys) were. And now, with 10 Things being re-released as a 10th anniversary edition, all these memories are delightfully flooding back, although I spose they weren't too far away, with my semi-regular viewing of my VHS copy. It may also be an odd coincidence in the timing of the movie's DVD re-release and the demise of a certain much-worn pair of pants. For since that first monumental viewing of 10 Things, I have made sure I had a pair of wide leg army green pants in my wardrobe, just like the ones Kat wore. My first pair were flat front chinos by Calvin Klein with a two inch hem and side slit pockets. When I outgrew those in 2002, I gifted them to my dear dear friend, who truly was the embodiment of Kat Stratford until she found her own Patrick Verona (a.k.a. Heath Ledger). Since then, I couldn't really fill the void, although a pair of American Eagle pants, of all things, did the trick in a pinch. Those, however, have recently succumbed to an unfortunate laundering accident (i.e. I should not operate a dryer when I have the flu). Now I am in the market to replace what has been a staple in my style for the last 10 years, and I must admit that I don't have much hope in succeeding. Sigh. At least I know that my new copy of 10 Things will fit me for 10 more years...

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