Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Damir Doma

As you know, I don't really care much about menswear, especially as my man does not often agree with or understand my fashion sense. However, I happened to click on one of the featured designers on the front page of NJAL today, and I now have a new source of endless style inspiration. Damir Doma is a Croatian-born Paris-based designer of simply gorgeous melancholic draped and layered pieces. These photos come from Damir's past four collections, beginning with S/S 10 at the top (mmm...greys...). According to his Facebook, he has a womenswear line coming out soon (edit: scroll to the bottom of this post), as well as a new label entitled SILENT, a collaboration with Swedish Paper Rain which will feature organic cotton basics at a more affordable price range than Damir's main line. If you can't wait for those though, visit oki-ni to order some of these gorgeous menswear pieces. Sigh.

Damir Doma A/W 09/10 - Love the braid belt, olive hues, and sheer pants.

Damir Doma S/S 09 - Such a soothing lilac-infused palette, which I'll be recreating this spring with my very own circle scarf by Jaana.

Damir Doma A/W 08/09 - This is probably my favorite collection with all the black I could want. And those petal-layered pants!

Edit (January 25th): Yesterday was Damir's A/W 10/11 runway show in Paris. This was one of the looks - perhaps a hint towards his A/W 10/11 womenswear show coming in March?

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