Saturday, March 20, 2010

This Fragility

I'm not sure 'spring' and 'fragile' go together for anyone else, but I tend to pull out my more delicate pieces to wear once the coats can be left at home. For instance, today I wore my gorgeous dusty pink fine knit circle scarf by Jaana of The door in my wardrobe, which I've been scared to wear since I got it because of the hungry zippers attached to my winterwear. Paired together with my beloved ArtLab Space Odyssey dress and my nearly dead marriage day hoody, I feel positively ready for the warmer weather (and buying a new bike). I do however wish that I had one of the new fragile pieces from This Ilk. The combination of the body jewelry/harness with beautiful pieces of lace is perfect. If I hadn't just bought a plane ticket, methinks I would snatch up one of these lovely creations in one bird chirp.

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