Thursday, March 11, 2010

mydearthing, S/S 10 Preview

In a perfect world, all of you lovely readers already know about Lauren Jones and her exceptional label called mydearthing. And, not only would you know about her, but you would all also own (at least) one of her luxuriously soft and versatile pieces, AND would be a fan of mydearthing on Facebook. If all these things were true, I wouldn't have to write this post, as you all would've already seen these fabulous preview photos of her upcoming S/S 10 'Glass Collection'. And I wouldn't have to reiterate how wonderful these pieces, clothing and accessories alike, are going to feel and look on. But, alas, the world is not without fault, and so I feel it is my duty to share these with you. I just love the romantic and whimsical feel of these amazing photographs, by Matthew Dols. You and I both will be able to see (and purchase) the entire new collection around mid-April. The warm weather can't come soon enough.

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