Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top 19 Finds of the Winter

Usually the first day of Spring would be a day of relief, as our winters are generally two months too long, and rather taxing on the human brain. This past winter, however, has been unbelievably kind to us, especially as it's already been on it's way out for a few weeks. Nonetheless, I will not complain that Spring is officially here today. And though most of you have been with me the past season, here are my Top 19ish Finds of Winter 09/10 (I had a lot of ties for most of the categories). I would recommend getting outside and watching buds appear (as I will be once I've typed this), but once you have to go back inside, you can click happily away on the links below.

1) Designer: Inbar Spector, Jessica Darwin
2) Fashion grad student: Bartosz Suligowski
3) Label: Txell Miras, Hexa by Kuho
4) New collection: Mandula, 2010
5) Basic piece: mydearthing Carly Dress, ArtLab Artisanal Wool Coat No. 1, CareWear knit goods
6) Future purchase: Alexandra Groover A/W 10 dress
7) Custom made piece: Maria Severyna black silk wrap, ArtLab black Star Trek Princess dress
8) Package in the mail: Mandula shorts, Jessica Darwin neck corset and drip tank
9) Want: Ravishing Mad jeans, Kat Stratford pants
10) New Album: Eluveitie's "Everything Remains As It Never Was"
11) Website: (more on this later!)
12) Furniture: Skin & Bone woven pieces from Ditte Lerche and associates
13) Magazine: POP
14) Post: Interview with Bonzie
15) Most Tasteful Post: "Crepes...and Katharina Hermes"
16) Future project: Alexander McQueen kimono-inspired jacket
17) Most worn pieces: ArtLab Oversized Revolutionary jacket, Maria Severyna grey wrap, Attila Design Sybil dress, mydearthing Fingerful Warmers
18) Most beautiful dress ever: Attila Design Poem dress
19) Most heartbreaking collection(s): Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 10, A/W 10/11

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