Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scarlett McQueen

I discovered this morning that the runway photos of Alexander McQueen's last collection is available for free on firstVIEW (thanks OutsaPop!), and so I've obviously been glued to my laptop for the last spectacular (and emotional) 406 photos. I still can't even wrap my mind around those prints that everyone has been blogging about since we first saw photos from this show. But I don't recall seeing this dress (above) before. One of my most favorite dresses of all time is the dress Scarlett O'Hara made out of her green velvet curtains in Gone With the Wind. So if I could get that dress à la McQueen? Sigh.

I also love this outfit/jumper piece. Even if this collection was made available, you know that devoted fans will just be taken advantage of on eBay, as they have been already. Again, sigh. My plan is to make the Alexander McQueen kimono-inspired jacket (below) from SHOWstudio's free Design_download project my first priority in my sewing projects. That way I can honour the brilliant genius without bankrupting myself at the same time. And perhaps I'll use green taffeta, with some tassles/fringes to embellish it.

P.S. If you haven't seen it already, you can watch the entire S/S 10 Paris show here.

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