Saturday, February 6, 2010

Etsy updates

I'm supposed to be doing some yoga and then carouse around, but there are a lot of great Etsy updates this morning:

1) I just discovered, and needed to share. This lovely man creates messenger bags from upcycled military bags, military tents, and leather jackets. So yes, they do contain leather, but I think I can get behind making sure the leather is used to its fullest extent if it's simply being recycled.

2) These are actually from a couple days ago, but I thought I'd include them here. The double t-shirt dress has been revamped by Take Off Your Clothes, complete with some softer t-shirts and a drawstring around the neck for more convertible-ness. I'm also loving this optical illusion type top with the longer draped front.

3) Audrey of Black Market Baby has just posted her Spring 2010 'Mysterium' collection, which has some lovely sheer and drapey pieces (with some great photos as well!).

4) A few more free association neckpieces have been posted in the Quillinan shop. Each can be worn hanging lower like a pendant, or as a neck ruff/choker. This one is my favorite.

5) And there are some gorgeous new wool and jersey creations in the hier apparel shop. Hmm, methinks I need to wear a hier apparel piece today.

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