Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nauticle Abstraction

I've noticed more and more colour creeping into this blog, which probably means you've noticed it too. And for that I apologize. I assure you that this does not mean I have more colour in my wardrobe, especially with my spending freeze. It's probably simply the result of (what I hope is) the near end of winter. Or perhaps I'm still discombobulated from editing my man's paper written in a sans serif font (what kind of respectable font has no tails?!!). Whatever the case may be, I love Andrejuno Knitwear by Andrew Yates, a Central Saint Martins student. These pieces remind me of two of my favorite things: the ocean, and Björk. I'm also suddently feeling my lack of a low-slung silver skirt. Sigh.

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