Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And now for something completely different...

While my first dressing instinct is to reach for something loose and drapey (and hopefully something from Mandula), the chaotic last couple of shifts have mine eyes wanting some structure and clean lines. My mind has particularly been set on the new spring piece by ArtLab, a sharply tailored vest made out of men's suiting material (above left). I'm also quite keen on the crisp white button down shirt with asymmetrical sleeves (above right).

Then there's some fantastic Yohji Yamamoto pieces at the new online mecca, Hervia Bazaar (which I'm sure I'll talk more about - it just opened yesterday!). With these, you can get the clean front, unexpected details (i.e. double layered front on the black, detachable collar and hanging button length on the white), AND a drapey back. Sigh.

And then, bringing us to the next site of concentrated fashion worship, I heart these pieces by Milan-based dMajuscule. Is that alright?

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