Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some very free association

I'm quite happy to see The Hurt Locker nominated for a few Oscars. This was the second of the two movies I went to see by myself this summer, both of which turned out to be the best two movies I saw all last year. The Hurt Locker is quite depressing, but it has such stellar performances in it, that I actually saw it twice in theater. One such performance, albeit a two minute performance, is by Evangeline Lilly of LOST. I read that she's from my prairie province, but I associate her with Kelowna, British Columbia, where some of Canada's greatest wine comes from (and my grandparents live there - yes, my Opa is still with us, thanks for your kind words). The last really good wine I had was a white Australian wine at an Indian restaurant. These photos are of CHATTY's 09/10 'Dance' collection. While CHATTY is a Czech label from designers Anna Tušková and Radka Sirková, the gorgeous colour palette and the model make me think 'Aussie'. I need a house so I can get an Australian Shepherd.

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