Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All In the Family

This post is all about some shameless self/family promotion. First off, the lovely Necole of The Creative Mixx interviewed me a little while ago (my very first try at being the interviewee!), and she was kind enough to post it last night. So click here to read a couple of thoughts from me, if you're not tired of that whole schtick already.

Secondly, my big sister just recently opened up her very own Etsy shop, which is full of knitted and baked goods (of the stretched-lobe wearing kind), handmade by herself and a 'guest designer', our Mother dearest. Even the buttons are handmade! I'm a proud owner of a couple of my own CareWear pieces thanks to the gift giving birthday and Christmas seasons, so I know this stuff is good. Check it out! She takes custom orders in a lot of different colours, and is also offering free shipping until February 14th. Just don't tell her who sent you - it'll be our little secret.

Edit: Here's a sneak peak at some new jewelry my sister has been working on. Makes me wish I had pierced ears.

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