Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everything remains as it never was

I've been begging Tiina of Attila Design to create one of her signature half vests in a vegan friendly version, and she satisfied this request today. But then she also listed the perfect basic dress with a special twist, my current weakness (thanks Lauren, Patricia, and Clayton). Sigh. Perhaps Tiina would consider renting out her clothing so that I could at least wear everything I want of hers a couple of times in my life. In fact, I'd like to host an Attila Design house party. I went to a jewelry party today and wasn't quite buying the seller's repeated mantra that she loves and wears all but one of the pieces she was selling. But if I hosted an Attila Design party, you know I'd be spouting 100% truths, and would likely kick all of my guests out before they bought any of the pieces for themselves. Anyone want to come to my party?

In a completely unrelated note (I really couldn't find a way to fit this in to any post), I just discovered from Vice Complaint that the Alexander McQueen label will continue on. Also, his last collection will be shown in Paris on March 9th as previously scheduled. Wow. I'm hoping SHOWstudio or someone will be streaming the show live, as I will gladly call in sick to see it. And, with the label in the red, it makes sense financially to continue on. But...

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