Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hand-dyed Spring

You know by now that I'm not all about trends and knowing what's 'in' this season. But if I were in charge of picking the next trend, it would be hand-dyed pieces in spring colours. In any materials. I don't want everyone looking the same, but it's just so gorgeous to look at.

Top: Hand dip-dyed Split Sweater by mydearthing
Middle left to right: (cotton) Couture Vest by ArtLab; Hand-dyed Rayon Strip Dress by Satoshi Date; (denim) Hand-dyed denim Vest by Attila Design (also see post below); 
Bottom: Hand-dyed silk Jacket/vest by Clarissa

And here's that Satoshi Date dress again. Because it's rather breathtaking.

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