Monday, February 1, 2010

Dressed up with laundry to go

I just came home from my bi-weekly laundry marathon. I would normally complain, but it's quickly become 'the' event to dress up for. You see, ever since Starbucks came to our fair country, I've been addicted to it. It pretty much instantly became a place where I was assured a moment of relaxation, a place where I could control my stress level for at least the time it took to drink a cup of comforting goodness. However, as I've mentioned before, ever since I got the flu dressed up as food poisoning at the beginning of December, I've been unable to drink or even order what used to be 16ish ounces of stress relief. True, I discovered a new favorite, being the Earl Grey Latte. But I've already tired of it. And I have the skills and ingredients to make chai lattes in the comfort of my own home. So now, because of my sad aversion to coffee, I have no regular event to dress up for, as there's no reason to go to the bookstore every day if I'm not needing/wanting to order a drink at Starbucks (too bad Vogue isn't published daily). The question is then raised: Do I attempt to get back into my Starbucks addiction so that I have a reason to dress up? Or do I embrace this financial windfall (as a grande latte a day sure adds up) and simply dress up for even less eventful events such as doing the laundry? I suppose the latter choice would actually increase my spending budget for clothing, thus increasing my selection of clothing to dress up in, thereby elevating the 'dress-up-ness' level of my wardrobe as a whole. Hmm...

Anyway, someone please go to the complexgeometries sale in my place for their one day (Feb. 2nd) 40% off everything sale (code: feb40). I wanted another two face dress, but my size has sold out. Sigh.

Oh, and I wore my newest Attila Design piece for today's laundering duties, complete with a nice and shiny updo and my mom's fuzzy blue slippers.

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