Monday, February 22, 2010

Alexandra, we know what you did last night

I signed up for Facebook the last semester of my last year of my undergrad studies. Possibly the worst time to have signed up for it. I quickly became addicted to it, and it morphed into my main mode of communication with my friends and certain family members (I loathe the phone). Three years later though, I've grown tired of Facebook as a source of entertainment and distraction. But since becoming a member of the blogosphere, Facebook has really become a great resource. I think a lot of designers, especially the young ones, have noticed the immediate connection they can make with fans/buyers/colleagues, and have taken advantage of making their own 'fan page', linking it to their main website and updating it with any bit of news concerning their label. And I, for one, am quite a fan of being a fan.

That was my long-winded way of saying: if you want fashion news fast, add every designer you admire on Facebook! And designers, sign up for Facebook! It is via this wondrous site that I have seen photos of Alexandra Groover's fantastic show last night in London, presented by WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight. While I'm still looking forward to seeing the lookbook photos for some more detail and depth to these wondrous noir numbers, I'm simply happy that Alexandra is back, and in black. I'm also looking forward to the day when splattering your face with black paint is accepted as daytime make-up. It would be so very easy, and would make decorating the bathroom walls rather stress- free. In case you were wondering, the collection is entitled 'Encre Noir', inspired by octopi (and their inky goodness).

(Photos by Christopher James, via WKWYDN)

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